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Muslim Holy Land Tours

Muslim Holy Land Package (10 Days)
Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Makkah, Madina


Day 01 :

Arrive Amman airport, meet and greet by our Jordanian representative, proceed to . Dinner and overnight Amman
Tomb Abdullah ibn Rawahah

Day 02 :

After breakfast, drive to the south of Jordan to visit Muhthath battle place Tomb Abdullah ibn Rawahah, Tomb Saidu ibn harisa, Tomb Jafar Ibn Abuthalib and Madiyan Water Falls, Mount nobay lunch at mount nobay Bilal tomb. Afternoon visit the Cave of the Seven Sleepers which is described in Holy Quran and .. Then to the hotel in Amman
dead Sea

Day 03 :

After breakfast drive to visit Nabishuhaib tomb , Abooubaida tomb . lirar bin azwar tomb, Yushanabi tomb and dead sea. We proceed to Israel through Allenbey Bridge. Over Night in Bethlehem
masjid dom of the rock

Day 04 :

After breakfast we visit all three Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, due to their traditional connections to Abraham. And visit masjidul aksa ,masjidu sakhra old masjidul aksa ,masjidul marwani ,buraque masjid mihrab zakariya room of mariyambeevi . golden dome duhar pray in masjidul aksa. Visit Nabi Moosa Tomb and Nabi Dawood Tomb and Omar mosque in Bethlehem.Continue. SalmanAl farisi, uksha, rabiyathul adhaviya, nabi dawood,mariyam tomb.nativity church mount of olive tomb of Indian freedom fighter moulana muhammed ali . Over Night in Bethlehem

Day 05 :

Earlymorning after break fast drive to old city of hebron visit Ibrahim tomb, sadad ibnu house, sara beevi(R) tomb, yakoob (a)laima (r) ishaque nabi(A) tomb. The old city of Hebron is characterized by narrow winding streets, flat-roofed stone We will visit, nabi yoonus tomb and mount of temptation lunch at mount temptation jerico. Continue to Taba border. Overnight at taba. .moven pick or strand with dinner and breakfast at hotel
sinai mountains

Day 06 :

After Breakfast we visit Mount of Moses & Burning Bush haroon tomb and historical places near Sinai Mountains. well nabi moosa. and proceed to Cairo (see Suez Canal from Suez city). Overnight at Cairo
sitadel mohammedali pasha cairo

Day 07 :

After Breakfast, Egyptian Museum, (royal mummy) Pyramids, Sphinx. Nafeesathul Misriyya, masjid pasha Mohammed Ali ,Imam Shafi, jalaludheen suyooki, sayyida ayisha ,sayyida zainab, ibnu hajarual askalani. Salah Eldin Citadel and Babylon Fort, Old Cairo, visit Imam Hussain Tomb,Al Azhazr university , In the evening transfer to Nile cruise including Egyptian show with Dinner. Stay at cairo.

Day 08 :

Proceed to alexandrya Abul Abbasul Mursy, Imaam Boosori and visit Abu Darrah, Prophet Danial, Sayyiduna Jaabir, Lukmanul Hakeem, Marriott Lake. Alexandriya library) After lunch Proceed cairo stay at cairo.

Day 09 :

After breakfast proceed to airport. Then Who want performing umra at makkha they are continue travel to jeddha airport .other pax are return at home with sweet memories.